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Dennis Kucinich Drops Out – Perhaps He Could Join Ron Paul?

Breaking news today is Dennis Kucinich has dropped out of the Democrat Presidential race.  Did anyone notice?  Perhaps he could take a new role, as we noted before in the below post, as Ron Paul’s running mate……

Shirley MacLaine, sister of actor Warren Beatty and heroine of the Tin Foil Hat crowd, is claiming in her new book that Democrat candidate for President of the United States from Cleveland, Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, had a “close encounter” while in Washington State.  It is unclear whether Mulder and Scully were called in from the FBI to investigate.
Looks like Ron Paul, who bears an amazing resemblance to My Favorite Martian, has a potential running mate.
Perhaps their campaign slogan could be “Paul/Kucinich – for an Intergalatic Economy”.  They can pass the REAL DREAM Act – which includes amnesty for Cardassians and naming George Noory as press secretary.  The Law of the Sea treaty will have to be updated to the Law of the Galaxy in order to cover Alpha Centauri.  The United Nations will then be known as the United Federation of Planets and will move it’s operations to Moon Base Alpha.
Someone alert the Asgard, the Klingons and the Ferengi – The Moonbats Are Coming!!!

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ngry White Male and The Horse He Rode in On By Rick Biesada

“You better pack your lunch girlyman, and give your soul to Allah, because your ass is grass and we’re the lawn mower !” – from

Some interesting reading to start the New Year!  Check out Rick’s website to learn more about his book, “Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On”.   Check out Rick’s thoughts on the CDL scandals and other events that hung over us in 2007 at The Federal Observer.

 We’re looking forward to reading Rick’s book.  It should be awaiting me when we head to the house for some hometime!


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