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OUTBREAK: Leprosy in Arkansas – Brought Here by Whom?

Renee E. Taylor
Family Security Matters

In an emergency room in Arkansas, the patient exhibits dark red boils, her skin numb. Another case of leprosy in America. Not far away, a tuberculosis-infected illegal immigrant coughs while on break at the local chicken processing plant – spreading his infectious germs across the break room table. His children, also carrying the disease, which had been all but eradicated from the United States years ago, join hundreds of children at the local public school. Crossing the Mexican border, in a pickup truck filled with “migrant workers” coming to “do the jobs Americans don’t do” in our fields and food processing plants, is the Islamic terrorist who purposefully infected himself with smallpox in order to spread the deadly disease to unsuspecting Americans nationwide.

Fact or fiction? Well over 12 million illegal aliens have invaded our country from our southern border, circumventing the strict health requirements that are enforced for those entering legally – requirements that include ensuring the entrants are free from infectious diseases. Our own government continues its push to give them legitimacy, in some cases welcoming them with open arms under the guise of “they are doing the work Americans just don’t do.” However, we don’t know who they are – or what horrific contagions they may have brought with them. More from Family Security Matters

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