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Independent Truckers Planning Shut Down

AUBURNDALE | – Independent truck drivers plan to shut down operations for one week starting Tuesday to show their displeasure with shrinking profit margins because of increasing fuel prices.

Some of the independent truckers at the Love’s truck stop in Auburndale said they hope the shut down sends a strong message to shipping companies to increase their fuel surcharges.

“If we shut down for 5 days, 6 days; we’re making a statement that we are not going to put up with prices like that unless our pay starts to increase,” independent truck driver Ron Jones said.  More from The

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Twilight’s Last Gleaming

The following was written by Rick Biesada, American trucker and author of “Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On”.  Used with permission 

This new brand of political leader is a modern day con man. Gamesters replacing the old time snake oil salesman, and three card Monte dealers. Games men, not of the people, by the people, but for the never ending quest of gamesmanship; to extract our money “legally” but not offensively, to endanger their being, so they can tax over and over again.

Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On –
Rick Biesada

When news of the collapse of the Soviet union came, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt relief for the security of our country.

Now, I’m not surprised that the United States is on it’s way to extinction, we’ve had every indication about it’s demise telegraphed to us with every covert, and overt act of usurpation, and subversion of our rights. Continue reading

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Promoting the North American Union

By Michael Howe
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Paving the road to the North American Union is something several companies hope to profit from, and at least two vendors at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., are openly promoting the benefits of NAFTA.National Distributors Leasing, Inc., promotes itself as “The International Connection.” Its logo consists of the flags of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The Canadian flag is in the background with the U.S. flag overlaid on it, and the Mexican flag placed prominently on top of the American banner.

Though the staff members at the booth were not willing to discuss the goals of the company as it relates to NAFTA, the website is very descriptive.  More from WorldNetDaily

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ChiComs Infiltrate Mid-America Truck Show Louisville

 As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.  We are seeing more and more of our jobs outsourced to other countries.  The American trucking industry is fighting high fuel prices and slow freight.  Now, even our truck parts will soon bear the stamp “Made in China”… 


China advances on U.S. trucking

China is advancing quickly on the U.S. trucking industry with its dominating presence at the world’s largest trucking trade show, held this weekend in Louisville, Ky. Signs were posted identifying exhibits run by between 120 and 140 individuals as representatives of some 40 Chinese companies at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show.“What we are seeing is a manifestation of the Pacific Rim Market. But their products are inferior and do not hold up. They are cheaper, but the quality is not there,” Collin Genge, an American driver for Bay Area Transport, said.It is more than just inferior products that bothers Genge.  More from WorldNetDaily

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Driver found shot in L.A. freeway wreck

Rescue crews responding to a wreck on a Los Angeles freeway found a driver fatally shot in the head early Sunday, while another driver was shot and wounded in a separate attack about 30 miles away, authorities said.

The shootings were the latest in a string of attacks on Southern California freeways that have alarmed motorists and authorities.

Investigators did not know what led to the fatal shooting on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday. The wreck snarled traffic for several hours near Van Nuys.

“There’s absolutely no witnesses at this time, no information,” Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman said.  More from the

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Fitna on ATAW

It speaks for itself….  WARNING: A bit graphic, but a video that should be seen by all.


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Remains ID’d As Missing Ohio Soldier’s

 BATAVIA, Ohio (AP) – The father of a soldier listed as missing-captured in Iraq since 2004 said Sunday that the military had informed him that his son’s remains were found in Iraq.

Keith Maupin said at a news conference in suburban Cincinnati that an Army general told him DNA testing had identified the remains of his son, Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin, or “Matt” as he was commonly known.

Lt. Lee Packnett, an Army public affairs officer in Washington, confirmed that the Maupins were notified Sunday that their son’s remains had been identified. Packnett said an official statement about the identification would be released Monday.

Matt Maupin was a 20-year-old private first class when he was captured April 9, 2004, after his fuel convoy, part of the 724th Transportation Company, was ambushed west of Baghdad.  More from

Thanks to our friends at for getting us this story.

There are no words – we pray for the Maupins.  It’s been a long four years as we wondered and awaited news of Matt’s fate.  So many of our American truckers in Iraq and our National Guardsmen – friends of ours – were involved in the attacks of April 8 – 9, 2004, two days that burn deep in our memories. 

Rest in peace, Matt. 


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Cops Bust Suspected Drug Dealers, 600 Lbs Pot Seized

Two men are behind bars tonight after cops uncover hundreds of pounds of marijuana at the state border.

Drug Task Force officials busted the pair at the Loma port of entry around one o’clock yesterday afternoon.

Local Drug Task Force Officers got a call reporting suspicious activity surrounding a truck at Western Colorado’s check-in point.   More from KREXTV

The pot was found in a hidden wall of the trailer.  Christopher Johnson and Nathan McRae, both of Michigan, were arrested for importing drugs.  The story further states the police found receipts in McRae’s pocket from Arizona cities close to the Mexican border.

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Second Crash Closes I-91 After Tanker Explosion

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WBZ) ― The same highway that a tanker exploded on in western Massachusetts Friday was closed Saturday after another truck rolled over.

State police said Route 91 north in Holyoke was shut down when a tanker truck rolled over. Fire officials said there was no spill involved with the crash and the cause is under investigation.  Fortunately, no one was injured.

The same highway was shut down Friday in Chicopee when a tanker truck rolled over and exploded. The driver of the truck managed to escape but he suffered severe burns over most of his body and died Friday night at Massachusetts General Hospital.

On Saturday, traffic was being diverted from Route 91 North at Exit 17A onto Route 5 at Exit 18 in Northhampton.

Drivers were urged to seek alternate routes while the roadway was being cleared.   From WBZTV

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the driver killed in the tanker explosion.  According to Action 3 News, the trucker swerved after a four wheeler hit his rig.  The driver of the car has been issued a summons to face charges including negligent motor vehicle homicide and reckless operation.


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ATAW Exclusive: Truckers Shutdown – April 1, 2008 – Get Your Taxes Out of My Fuel Tank!


Get Your Taxes Out of My Fuel Tank!

After much discussion here at ATAW Central Command, we have made an important decision.  We will be joining our trucking brothers and sisters – owner/operator and company driver alike – and will be parked April 1.  Do we think a shut down will change anything?  We still do not know.

It’s not enough that we just park our rigs –  make your downtime productive.  Starting Monday, March 31, email, fax and phone your congressmen, senators, the President and DoT’s Mary Peters (just tell her Juan is calling – she’ll probably take your call).  Let them know what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Call your state’s governor, your local representatiave – your local media outlets.  Call every day you are down.  Make them hear you!

We must get the attention of Washington, our state governments and the media.  A plausible, immediate solution to keep the American trucker rolling and the ecomony moving is critical.  Demand they suspend all fuel taxes on big trucks.  Demand they open up our own oil resources – domestic drilling NOW.  Oil is the lifeblood of our economy, oil is the lifeblood of our industry.  Demand more refineries build.  Get fuel prices down to a manageable and stable level.  We have the resources and the technology, we just don’t have the political will.  The leftist, environmentalist wackos have been louder than us – we MUST be louder than they are. 

We are all for conservation – turn off the lights, buy an APU for your truck to reduce idling time.  Research alternative energy sources such as hydrogen fuel cells and biodiesel, ethonol – non of which are viable – yet.  Until they are a viable alternative, the reality is we rely on oil.  Oil is our friend. 


White House:  Comments:   202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX:             202-456-2461

US Senate: to find your senator, visit
                     Switchboard: 202-224-3121

US House: to find your represenative, visit
                    Switchboard: 202-224-3121

US Department of Transportation:   Switchboard:  202-366-4000


(Video – “Soldiers of the Highway” performed by Truck It Records’ Joey Holiday.  Joey’s kicked off the 2008 tour season this weekend at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  For complete tour schedule, click here.)

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