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Jeff Dunham – Jose Jalepeno On a STICK

I saw this on Comedy Central and thought – given the seriousness of the news – we could all use a little laugh. Ok.. this is a BIG laugh!



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Houston company linked to fake IDs for immigrants

Nebraska officials warn of the driver’s license scheme

OMAHA, Neb. — State officials in Nebraska were warning Monday of a scheme to sell fake driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, under the promise that the documents will let people legally drive, buy and sell cars.

A Houston-based company has taken out ads in newspapers and distributed fliers to Hispanic businesses in Omaha, Grand Island and Lincoln, offering so-called international licenses and state ID cards for about $200, Angel Freytez, of the Nebraska Mexican American Commission, said.  More from the Houston Chronicle

I do hope the authorities catch these folks and shut them down.  I do not, however, feel “sorry” for those who bought the licenses.  Had they been here legally, they wouldn’t have to go to a criminal enterprise to obtain “legal documents”. 


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Where Did Congress Get the Economic Stimulus Money?

As so many anxiously await their “tax rebate” (it might buy a half a tank of diesel for that Kenworth, you know…..), have you asked yourself “Where did Congress get the economic stimulus money?”  Our friends at the ARRA News Service answers that very question”

“Donuts verses Doughnuts; it’s all the same. The economic stimulus money will be gone but the debt will be with our grandchildren.”
Bill Smith, ARRA Editor:
Arkansas U.S. Rep. Mike Ross (D-Dist 4)is known to some to be Blue Dog and to others to be a liberal. He is known in his district as the man who can bring home the “bacon.” Not being pro limited government, Ross brings home more Federal funds to Arkansas Dist 4 than any of the three other Arkansas U.S. Representatives.

Last Friday, Rep. Ross spoke in Arkadelphia to the Arkansas County Assessors at DeGray Lake State Park Resort. Ross relating to the Assessors they were important because they they were the avenue for increased property taxes. And we know this congressman likes taxes. Someday, it would be nice to hear a public speaker acknowledge that assessors are important because while assessing people they stand between the government and the property owners to assure that each person is treated equally and fairly.  More from ARRA News Service

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How Politicians Are Stealing Your Money

By JR Dieckmann

Did you know that the House of Pelosi just voted in favor of spending $50 billion of your money on AIDS patients in Africa? That’s right. In a vote of 308 to 116, the House of Pelosi this week decided that caring for AIDS patients in Africa was more important than reducing the budget deficit and limiting our national debt.

But with the expectation that Clinton or Obama will win the next presidency, and with a Democrat controlled Congress, Americans won’t be left out. They intend to spend 100 times that amount on their socialized healthcare programs. All of this spending will have to be paid by our children and our grandchildren and their children since it’s all being done with money we don’t have. Congress seems to think that managing the federal budget is nothing more than a game of Monopoly. When they lose or give up their seats in Congress, the just get up and walk away with no regrets.
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