Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

The Many Forms of Radical Islam All Threaten America

Part Two of Three

Peter S. Probst

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Quran is our law.

Jihad is our way. Dying in the service of Allah is our highest hope”.

Credo of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Strategy

While we understandably worry about terrorist infiltration across our borders, the uncomfortable truth is they already live among us as quiet, affable, next door neighbors who keep an immaculate lawn, are members of the garden club, and babysit our kids. Border security is vital, but so is countering the internal threat which, too often, is treated in a dismissive and even contemptuous fashion. Often labeled by the foolish or malevolent as “Islamophobia” or “bigotry,” the American-based Islamists do their best to erode our confidence in government’s efforts to secure the homeland and, too often, such efforts are inadvertently aided by government incompetence and misdirected zeal.

And when the motivations of the Islamists are called into question and links between them and terrorist groups exposed, they turn to invective and law suit in an attempt to intimidate and silence their critics. Being blessed with deep pockets they were in the past, too often, successful. They had learned that the best defense is an aggressive “take-no-prisoners” offense. But their detractors also learned to meet their lawsuits head on using “discovery” and other tools of the American legal system to turn the tables. The War on Terrorism is being fought on a variety of fronts by some very unlikely people. More from FamilySecurityMatters


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