Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Illegal Mexicans obtain ID cards from Mexico’s Officials in Carpentersville IL

Written by Dan of the Chicago Minutemen (used with permission)

”They” don’t obtain ”official documents” before hand to prove ‘they’ are Mexicans (like a passport). They throw away their Mexican driver’s licenses and telling IDs before sneaking across the USA border. This way they cannot be ID’d in USA as a Mexican when ‘illegally’ sneaking across US borders in to USA and sneaking (ten in a truck) into the Sanctuary State Of ILLINOIS.. and living here ILLEGALLY and enroll their children as students…

AS A REWARD: they get a visit from the Mexican national officials here in a Catholic church who give them ”official Mexican” ID cards.


These cards are a Mexican ID card issued in the USA, not Mexico called a “matricula consular”

AN IRANINAN, IRAQI, RUSSIAN, INDIAN, CHINESE ID CARD… issued here in the USA courtesy of your local ICE, IMMIGRATION DEPT and FBI.

If the Illegals (these illegals can also be from Mid-East thru Mexico) get far enough to a Sanctuary city like Chicago IL, Newark NJ or safe harbor places like the numerous Catholic Churches in Carpentersville, IL they are then SAFE in the USA.

SAFE TO BREAK additional laws as a minority seeking sanctuary from an oppressing government.

The government of Mexico doesn’t recognize ‘matricula consular’ card ID in Mexico as a Mexican ID… But the USA DOES; this “”ID”” allows the Illegals in USA to be able to ‘come and go across the US border as if they are citizens of Mexico who just happen to live/visit in the USA. Bullshit…

It is Mexico’s and the USA’s way of rewarding and legalizing ILLEGALITY and Illegal activity. Do you think they will still obey US laws and pay taxes? NO… do Mexican nationals have to have driver’s insurance in the USA ? NO..

Now..when apprehended in USA for any misdemeanor or traffic violation ..The ILLEGAL MEXICAN can now show a card which describes them as LEGALLY BEING IN USA AS A (approved national person of Mexico with a pass: not granted by the USA but Mexico) VISITOR ! This card ‘supposedly’ has nothing to do with validating a criminal record, background check, health check or Legal granting of Immigration law; to be living in the USA.

Therefore the “Nation of Mexico” can tell the USA; who the USA must let live in the USA…not you the citizens.


PLEASE PAY YOUR TAXES early. THANK YOU GEO. BUSH, ROD ‘TOLLWAY’ BLAGOVICH, MAYOR DALEY, BARACK OBAMA (the junior ILL. Senator with out much experience), Ms Finestein, Ted Kenedy, John MCAIN ’30 yr. government clerk’ Senator from Arizona

HOW SAFE DO YOU FEEL NOW THAT ”ANY” TERRORIST OR ILLEGAL ‘SQUATTER’ OBTAINING ENTRANCE TO THE SOVEREIGN BORDERS OF THE USA WITH a ”matricular” card possession available to be coming and going ‘in and ‘out of USA legally? Right thru the border gates!

Lou Dobbs has one. and Some other Americans have more than one card just to prove what a farce this card is to obtain. Mickey Mouse has a official Matricula card also. FACT

Perez was among about 200 Mexicans who Thursday obtained passports and a Mexican identification card called a “matricula consular” at St. Stephens Church, 225 N. Kennedy Drive, Carpentersville. She wants to go back and forth from USA to Mexico and also visit Hawaii.

Why didn’t she just get a passport from Mexico where she grew up, before Illegally entering the USA and breeding here? Then she could visit anywhere in the World, like Hell even?

They want ILLEGALS paying your Income and Real estate taxes too…because they ‘KNOW’ how hard working the Illegals are to pay their fair share of SS, FICA, Workemen’s Compensation.

SIT BACK folks…take it easy .. DON’T WORRY… it doesn’t concern YOU… YET


Hear “RICK BIESADA” on WJJG 1530AM radio Wednesdays 4 to 5 pm ”The Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On”


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  1. The US Senate,US Congress, US Presidents have sold us out to a third world country with ‘World Globalism’domination in mind. They too shall reap what they have sowed. Americans Arise.

    Comment by Bob R. | May 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. you are a racist

    Comment by pink | June 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. Where is the law enforcement ?
    The detainees in Gitmo and the illegal alliens have more rights than U S Citizens.
    Drivers licences are a “right” not a privilage.
    The disgraced Republican Govenor, Ryan of Illinois went to jail for his part in the “sale” of truck driver’s licences after 5 children were killed.
    How many of our American children must die before we get LAW ENFORCEMENT ????????????

    Comment by John | June 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. i think we should give the usa to the illegal mexicans and we should move to mexico because they will turn it into a shit hole like where they came from, have you gone into a store used by mexicans and see all the stuff they look at then throw it on the floor. they still urinate in the syreet down there/

    Comment by joe kern | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  5. First of all, you need to get your facts straight. Any illegal Mexican here that works, does pay taxes, and a lot of them have insurance….they come up here to work, and they work harder than most Americans. If you didn’t give them ID cards, then when they get caught by the police, or something else like that, they could give a different person’s name every time. If they had an ID, their information would be in the system, therefore they would get punished. Anyone could be a terrorist…why are you singling out Mexicans…we have skinheads here that want to kill the president. We have people in our own country wanting to do many times do you see Hispanic terrorists?? I really want to know if you have done all you research because believe me, i know my facts, and I know that everything they are doing is for a good cause, their just not doing it to help the “illegals”. Also, you are saying that if you wanted to visit another country, you wouldn’t be able to obtain a passport. Thats not very fair is it??? Do your research then come up with some correct statements.

    Comment by Nikki | November 25, 2008 | Reply

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