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Don’t tase me bro

By:  Rick Biesada

“Don’t tase me bro,” seems to be the fervent cry of our truckers pulling into the fuel stations these days… If they can still afford to operate?

Diesel fuel, the cheapest fuel to refine, has sky rocketed in price paralyzing the trucking industry as liquid fuel started selling for prices equivalent to a kings ransom.

The robber barons of the oil industry have set themselves up as the new silent partners of the truckers … The last American hero’s of the highway.
Now, Congress is putting on a dog and pony show with top executives of the oil industry, to explain the obscene fuel prices amid their humongous profits of $123 billion last year.

The oil executives argued that their record profits were in line with other industries.
I find this hard to believe, maybe we should have water boarded them to get some truthful answers, because their profits are way out of proportion with the trucking industry.

Ask any trucker who is out there working hard, playing by the rules, and trying to compete with lower wage foreign workers, government mandates, regulations, high cost user fees, and soaring fuel prices… Cry in your beer Tex …You don’t know anything about any other industry outside of your own greed saturated oil industry.

These oil tycoons are extortionists, plain and simple, but most American’s know that these traitors are running a game on the people.

We’ve seen it before in the 70’s, when fuel prices shot up as our government claimed that the Middle East nations were trying to choke off America’s economy, while foreign tankers waited off shore to be unloaded.
During the 80’s the political leaders cohabiting with big oil, deregulated oil price controls and prices spiked again.

There was a lot of babble going on at these hearings by the oil campaign donors, and by the oil campaign contribution recipients, about motorists having problems traveling because of the high expense at the fuel pumps, but the crux of the matter is, who is representing the truckers?

Your average truck mileage is only about 5 or 6 miles per gallon, loaded.
When I first started in this business forty years ago, fuel was so cheap it really wasn’t a factor in your operating expense, but now, guys are going broke pulling loads with these extortion rates higher than juice loans from a shylock.

They talk about some mystical fuel sur charge which will reimburse the truckers, but most truckers don’t qualify for this fleet rated discount that the huge multi national trucking companies enjoy. If an independent tried charging his accounts a fuel sur charge, they would be out looking for new business in the morning, so don’t believe what you read, or hear, about getting reimbursed for fuel. The truckers have to eat their losses, unlike the oil industry. Unlike our elected officials who are guaranteed a monthly paycheck by the tax payers, and a pension benefit from you and me.

We are dealing in reality here so let’s be realistic. The only reason why fuel prices are so high is because our president, and his feckless Congress, have betrayed the American people once again.
These sacrilegious fuel prices were designed to bust out the American trucking industry, just as our leaders have busted out every other viable American industry, or trade, to be out sourced overseas, while we inundate our country with illiterate, low skilled cheap foreign labor… Subsidized by our shrinking economy.

George Bush claimed that his war in Iraq would be financed using their oil.
Our Commander in Chief lied, instead, he has traded American blood for oil that should have been seized to shore up our economy.

King George’s big adventure in folly for the benefit of his multi national war profiteer cronies, has turned into a catastrophe for the people, and for our young patriotic troops, as America is starting to come apart at the seams.

American’s better wake up to the fact that we have been forsaken by our leaders for Professor Genitalia’s globalist dream of nation states without borders, and cheap foreign labor, to replace our traditional hard working, law abiding, American work force… So it’s every man for himself.

I met a guy a few weeks ago who tried pitching me about using processed cooking oil in my diesel rigs. The cost of his fuel would be about $2.30 per gallon but the conversion would cost $6,000 per unit.
Normally, I would have walked away from the guy, but with the cost of diesel fuel being $4.50 per gallon in Chicago, I decided to listen and to do a little research on my own.

I learned that liquid bio fuels have been used since the early days of the automotive industry.
German inventor, Rudolf Diesel, designed his diesel engine to run on peanut oil.
Henry Ford originally designed his Model T Ford to run on Hemp– so at $4.50 per gallon, I’ve been racking my brain to try and come up with the formula to convert cocaine into diesel fuel.

At $4.50 per gallon for diesel fuel, I think it would be much cheaper to run my trucks on cocaine.

Cocaine is more abundant on our city streets than diesel fuel, and thanks to our president, our timid Congress, and Western District of Texas, Prosecutor, Johnny Sutton, we have a never ending flow of cocaine coming across our southern border.

On second thought, bio energy from waste, may prove to be a more prudent way to solve our energy problems.

We have an abundance of waste in Washington D.C. so this way we could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by utilizing the blood of tyrants for fuel, while returning to the people their right to travel unimpeded, in their pursuit of happiness.

Rick Biesada          4-20-08

Federal Observer Magazine


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