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The Dangers of the “North American Union”

World Net Daily’s Jerome Corsi on the North American Union.

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Gun battle on the border near Lukeville port of entry

LUKEVILLE – Government sources are telling KVOA in Tucson the manhunt is still on tonight after a gun battle.

They are reporting one man was captured on the American side and three on the Mexican side. We are still not sure if anyone was hurt or killed but there were dozens of Valley residents caught in the crossfire of a 20-minute shootout.

On the Mexican side of the border, waiting in line for customs, said they started to see swarms of officers surround a house a couple blocks away. More from

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The National Anthem

The National Anthem as sung by The Cactus Cuties, a group of very talented young ladies. We can not hear our National Anthem often enough and this version will leave goosebumps……


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Obama Proposes Disarming America

“I ask those of you who like Obama because he’s a nice guy: Does it bother you at all that the Iranians want him to become president?” Rush Limbaugh

(Thanks to Earl Nall for sending the link to this video)

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Truck drivers from Mexico making waves at Mariposa

By Manuel C. Coppola

Disgruntled truckers south of the border have been making waves in the produce industry since Saturday.

Alison Moore, communications director for Fresh Produce Association of the Americas said that on Saturday at about noon, a group of Mexican tractor-trailer rigs were blocking the border as drivers protested the time it takes to cross through Mexican Customs.

They were upset that just two of the four lanes at Mexican Customs have been in operation for the past several days, Moore said. Additionally, they were protesting that all Mexican trucks were being sent through one gamma-ray machine causing more delays.

At 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Mexican Customs opened the remaining two commercial crossing lanes. But the drivers refused to cross until they received an agreement that all four lanes would be opened on Monday and that customs officers would select only a percentage of trucks to send through the gamma-ray machine, instead of checking 100 percent of the trucks. More from Nogales International

Let them strike – but continue to inspect 100 percent of every truck coming across the border. We have posted many stories about drugs being found in tractor trailers hauling produce across the Mexican border, not to mention the threat of terrorism (for those who forgot – we are still at war), it should be mandatory that every truck be inspected and each and every truck and driver comply with OUR Federal regulations.

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Fox News has declared Clinton the winner in Pennsylvania

With 1% reporting, Clinton is ahead with 60%, Obama 40% in what they say is the largest voter turnout in Pennsylvania history.

Congrats to Rush Limbaugh and Operation Chaos for allowing Mrs. Clinton to whup Obama’s half-black butt tonight.

Live at ATAW Central Command

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Something weird in Pennsylvania

The polls have been closed in Pennsylvania – but no results have been posted – anywhere 46 minutes after polls have closed! ATAW Central Command is monitoring ABC Channel 6 in Philadelphia while our “mobile unit” is heading to Philly while monitoring local radio programs. Nothing. No exit polls, no comments from voters.

Nothing…….. Pennsylvania readers – feel free to post any updates and comments. The mainstream media certainly isn’t.


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A Big Oily Mess Part I: Understanding High Fuel Prices

Tom Ordeman, Jr

Author’s Note: Given that oil prices hit record highs again this week, I thought it might be helpful to provide FSM readers with some facts, free of polemic or agenda, about the reasons for rising fuel prices in America. This is a revision of an article originally written in 2005, broken into three parts. In the first installment, I’ll review some of the reasons for the quick price increase over the last several years. The second installment will deal with proposed solutions that won’t solve the problem, and why. The final installment will offer some suggestions for decreasing and stabilizing fuel prices. My review of Chechnya will resume once this series has been completed.

While most Americans are anxious about rising fuel costs, and all Americans are impacted by the increased price for oil, the reasons for the quick rise in the price of a barrel of crude since 2004 are many and complicated.

One of the most pressing factors in the oil crisis is that oil is traded on U.S. currency. What’s this mean? That it’s bought and sold on a dollar rate, as opposed to pounds sterling, euros, or yen. When the dollar declines in value, as it has declined in value over the last several years, it takes more dollars to buy a barrel of oil, and that translates into higher prices at the pump. The declining value of the dollar, based on factors ranging from deficit spending to increased entitlement payouts to the chaotic stock market, means that Americans have been hit harder by the increased price of oil relative to other countries that have enjoyed steady currency values

This is further complicated by the recent slowing of American economic growth, which has compelled oil speculators to invest in oil futures as a “sure thing.” The result of this set of controls is that the actual American demand for oil is perceived as disproportionately drastic by Americans. More from Family Security Matters

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Oil Punches Above $117

LONDON – Oil continued its meteoric rise Monday, with the price of black gold spiking above $117 a barrel in Asian and European trading, marking a new record high.

The rise followed an attack on a Nigerian oil pipeline owned by Royal Dutch Shell on Friday and comments from an official of the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) over the weekend that suggested the cartel did not need to raise production because this would not affect oil prices.   More from Forbes

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