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Poll results: SPP plans are ‘treason’

A new poll by the American Policy Center has revealed that the lack of widespread opposition to the agenda of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, announced in 2005 by President Bush and his counterparts from Mexico and Canada, is because more than half of the American residents polled hadn’t heard of it.

But when they did, their voices were clear, with overwhelming majorities opposing the concept, plans and ideas.

The poll was done by the APC, a grassroots activist group in Washington that asked a series of questions about the SPP, the Trans Texas Corridor transportation project and other issues. More from World Net Daily

Once again, we urge you to call your congressmen and the White House and tell them you do not wish the United States to participate in this farce. Jerome Corsi and the folks at World Net Daily have been reporting on this for a long time. The mainstream media choses to ignore it because the “powers that be” realize that if the truth were known, that Meximericanada is close at hand, the outcry against it, like the Mexican Truck Pilot Program, would be loud and clear.

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Election options

While it doesn’t seem like we have much choice in the Presidential election, our “Politics” links on our sidebar lists some interesting candidates for you to look at.

If you live in Tennessee, check out Lenny Ladner, running for US Senate.  William Russell wishes to unseat John Murtha in Pennsylvania (PA voters, I would love to see that happen) and Jim King in Florida is working hard for our veterans.  Also, look at John Bootie – Independent candidate for President.


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Congressman Mike Ross (D-AR) – Spend “Rebate” on Renewable Engergy

The below is from the email newsletter of our congressman, Mike Ross (D-AR). After reading this, it makes me want to rush out and purchase a windmill with our “stimulus check”. Then again, our country must not have any problems if all they can do in Washington is pass resolutions on how we can spend our own money. Ross does suggest buying American made products, which is a good idea. So, I think I’ll buy an American made windmill……. RTaylor

Dear Friend,
I was proud to help pass the bipartisan economic stimulus package in February to provide economic relief to millions of American working families, seniors and veterans, as well as small businesses. We are just weeks away from the first rebate checks arriving in the mailboxes, and there is no better way to benefit our nation than to help reinvigorate the economy and help working families and consumers save on ever-rising energy prices.

Therefore, I am proud to inform you that I recently sponsored House Resolution 987, which recommends that America’s working families use their economic stimulus rebate checks to invest in renewable energy and energy-efficient products. This investment will allow working families to save money, stimulate the economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This bipartisan resolution also urges retailers and service providers to offer promotions that will encourage consumers to purchase such products and services. Continue reading

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