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Congressman Mike Ross (D-AR) – Spend “Rebate” on Renewable Engergy

The below is from the email newsletter of our congressman, Mike Ross (D-AR). After reading this, it makes me want to rush out and purchase a windmill with our “stimulus check”. Then again, our country must not have any problems if all they can do in Washington is pass resolutions on how we can spend our own money. Ross does suggest buying American made products, which is a good idea. So, I think I’ll buy an American made windmill……. RTaylor

Dear Friend,
I was proud to help pass the bipartisan economic stimulus package in February to provide economic relief to millions of American working families, seniors and veterans, as well as small businesses. We are just weeks away from the first rebate checks arriving in the mailboxes, and there is no better way to benefit our nation than to help reinvigorate the economy and help working families and consumers save on ever-rising energy prices.

Therefore, I am proud to inform you that I recently sponsored House Resolution 987, which recommends that America’s working families use their economic stimulus rebate checks to invest in renewable energy and energy-efficient products. This investment will allow working families to save money, stimulate the economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This bipartisan resolution also urges retailers and service providers to offer promotions that will encourage consumers to purchase such products and services.

I am also sponsoring House Resolution 977, which encourages Americans to use their economic stimulus checks to purchase American-made products from American-owned companies. By asking Americans to buy products made here at home, we can truly benefit our own economy, not the economies of foreign countries.

With my seat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, I will continue to work to solve our nation’s energy crisis and help to stimulate and grow our economy. These are just two measures that I believe are important as we head into the busy summer season when families will be impacted by high gas prices and ever-increasing utility costs. As your household makes necessary preparations for our current economic downturn, I encourage you to join others across this nation by investing in renewable energy products and American-made goods.


Mike Ross

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  1. Mr Congressman,
    If we are going to have a stimulus package, may I please suggest that we give it to those that need it. I am a 72 year old retired military and have social security along with medicare and tri-care for life medical insurance. I could use the money, whatever it may be, but I don’t think that those making over $50,000 should receive it at this time when the economy is in such a mess. We should help those that are out of a job or making less than $50,000. Just a thought, but I want to do my share in helping the u.s. I have emailed Senators Pryor and Lincoln. I will email our other congressmen with the same message. I just would like to do my part and help those that need it a little more than I do. Thank you for your attention.
    Mr & Mrs John T Shepherd

    Comment by John T Shepherd | November 7, 2008 | Reply

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