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Why Should Conservatives Be Loyal to Maverick McCain’s Ego?

A message from John Bootie – Independent candidate for President and fellow trucker:

That one is easy, we should NEVER displace our morals and values for anyone we can’t truly vote for. If their not expounding our morals and values now, they won’t worry about US after they get in office.

President Bush wasn’t perfect but he did some good. But if we remember back in ’99 and ’00 he was portrayed as a compassionate conservative. He showed us what that means, when it came to border security and spending, didn’t he?

Let’s not get duped by the media again! We have several truly good Independents running, but NO ONE is willing to give them a real chance or helping hand. NO VOTE is ever wasted unless it’s not cast.

I won’t support the likes of John McCain. He’s NO better than: Barack Hussein Obama, or Hillary Diane Clinton.  And putting your head in the sand or holding your nose and voting for a person who DOES NOT hold your values will come back to haunt you.

May the one and only true GOD bless you

John Bootie


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