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The Four Horsemen of the Energy Apocalypse Caused This Oil Mess

RUSH: I want to start with President Bush’s press conference today.  It was basically about oil, basically about energy prices and so forth.  We have a couple of sound bites from the president and then a response, an irresponsible response from New York Senator Chuck Schumer.  Here’s the first of two sound bites from President Bush.  Well, actually, this is an answer to a question from a reporter.  “You have said that we need to wait until the first stimulus has taken effect to act again, but since it was passed, gas prices have gone up, foreclosures have gone up, there have been layoffs, news just this morning that consumer confidence is down yet again.  Isn’t it time to think about doing more, would you support a summer moratorium on the federal gas tax?” More from Rush Limbaugh

By eliminating the gas tax, even temporarily, you are taking money out of Washington’s pocket. They would much rather take money out of oil companies’ pockets (aka Communism) than allow you to keep more of your own.

It is obvious the Democrats do not have an energy plan. They promised us two years ago when gas was $2 per gallon – we’re still waiting……

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  1. Interesting post. Would love to know what other has to say..

    How to Save 70c per gallon on gas

    Comment by Dave | April 30, 2008 | Reply

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