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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on the Ethanol Debacle

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh yesterday regarding ethanol and the problems America is facing with high fuel and food costs. It is refreshing to have a senator who actually “gets it” –

RUSH: What’s going on with this? Where are we headed with this? Why is it that you are one of the few voices in the elected government that’s trying to stop the growth of ethanol, given the problems apparently related to it?

SEN. HUTCHISON: Well, of course there are many interests that don’t want to stop this ethanol mandate; and I think that the time has come for us to really, Rush, look at the things that we can do that might bring the cost of fuel and the cost of food and gasoline at the pump down. We can’t do a lot, but one of the few things we could do is put a freeze on this ethanol mandate and just let’s take a pause and not have this kind of requirement where we are on the one side subsidizing this product, but on the other side the price is so high that it’s causing really a ripple effect throughout our food industry.

Regarding domestic drilling in ANWR:

SEN. HUTCHISON: ANWR is an area the size of the state of South Carolina. The part that would be drilled is an area the size of JFK airport or Washington National Airport or Dallas Love Field. It’s an area the size of an airport that would be drilled because the new technology allows us to drill underground for just hundreds of yards and you don’t have to have a lot of wells to drill anymore. But they’re not acknowledging that. The people of Alaska want this. They have had referenda. They want the jobs, they want the economic security, and they know it won’t hurt the environment. Yet we cannot get a bill through Congress that would allow drilling in that small part of ANWR. These are the kinds of things that just don’t make sense when the price of gasoline is so high.

RUSH: Ah, sadly, they do make sense if you understand Democrats. I know you do. We’re talking, by the way, with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas. Now, yesterday the president made a presentation on energy and said much of the same thing you just said here; and Senator Schumer from New York went out and responded to it and said, “If we started drilling in ANWR today we wouldn’t have a drop of oil for ten years.” Well, of course, Bill Clinton vetoed the first time this came up in 1994. We could have been at this four years according to his ten-year plan. He also said something that mathematically doesn’t make sense. He said that this million barrels a day that ANWR would produce would reduce the price of gasoline or oil — I forget which one he specified — by a penny. Well, that’s absurd, because when the price of oil… When we lose a million barrels in the supply, does the price only go up a penny? They’re using scare tactics, here. We need resources. We need our oil, and you got Schumer out there saying, “No, it wouldn’t matter,” and they’re misleading people thinking that there’s a substitute for it right around the corner when there’s not.

SEN. HUTCHISON: You’re right. When President Clinton vetoed ANWR, we would have been producing. But I totally disagree and reject the argument that it would be ten years. We could start drilling in ANWR, and I think within a couple of years you would start seeing the results. But more important, if we were drilling there and people in the market, in OPEC — if the people who are hedging in the market for futures in this oil industry. If we were drilling in ANWR — do you think the price would stay up? No. People would know that there would be an availability. They would know that there was going to be a real difference in what we could produce. The one million barrels a day is the amount we import from Saudi Arabia every day. That’s what we would be getting from our own resources and control it; and that doesn’t count what we could do if we were drilling off the Atlantic and the Pacific, in environmental safe ways. That’s the key. If we took control of our own destiny, we could become energy independent and self-sufficient and not depend on places that don’t like us very much like Venezuela.

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The enemy is not “big oil”, it’s “big government” – both Democrat and Republican.


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  1. I posted her news release calling for the freeze on my Common Sense Agriculture, Conservation and Energy blog. Ethanol has been a disaster for the cattle industry. The cost of feed has gone through the roof. Add to that the high price of diesel which is driving up transportation costs (which I know you are very familiar with) and the losses are mounting very quickly.

    Comment by Panhandle Poet | May 1, 2008 | Reply

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