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Goldilocks vs. Obama/Bloomberg Ticket on the Gas Tax Holiday

RUSH: To the audio sound bites. Operation Chaos is good for Democrats. Last night on Nightline, Cynthia McFadden was talking to Hillary Clinton. “Joe Andrew was one of your first supporters. He feels at this point continuing to support you is tearing the party apart. Why?”

HILLARY: I’m picking up momentum every single day, and I think this has been good for the Democratic Party. We have registered millions of new voters, and what we see is such excitement and energy. Why anybody would want to short-circuit that I don’t understand, because I think it’s giving us a very firm base to go into the fall election.

RUSH: Operation Chaos! She just described what is happening out there, and there are hundreds and thousands of Republicans registering as Democrats, and of course the Drive-Bys and others want to say, well, “We can’t quantify that. Pollsters aren’t asking any question about it. (grumbling) ” Look at the numbers. Mrs. Clinton here: “We’ve registered millions of new voters,” (laughter) and they’re going to reregister right back, Hillary. (laughter) “And what we see is such excitement and energy.” Yeah, from a bunch of Republicans who are bored silly and depressed until Operation Chaos came along! I guarantee you that the Republican operatives in Operation Chaos are far more excited and energized than the Democrats are in all this. Just like, if the Democrats are tired of Jeremiah Wright after 30 days, can you imagine how tired they are of these two candidates after a year? “Why anybody would want to short-circuit this excitement,” Hillary says, “I don’t understand…” Exactly right. This is why I, Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos am not calling off the operation. Next question from Cynthia McFadden on Nightline last night: “The numbers look like they don’t add up, and by staying in the race you could hurt Obama’s chances if he’s the nominee.” More from Rush Limbaugh


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