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May Day Terrorism Hits America

Lowell Ponte

On May 1 a little-reported act of domestic terrorism struck the United States.

It cost our economy between $1 and $2 billion, equivalent to the theft of up to $26.66 from every American family of four – money you and your family will be paying in higher prices.

Even more troubling is that those who conspired to assault us have not been arrested, jailed, or even removed from their high-security-risk positions.

“West Coast ports were shut down,” reported The New York Times in describing Thursday’s attack.

“Cranes and forklifts stood still from Seattle to San Diego, and ships were stalled at sea as workers held rallies up and down the coast to blame the war [in Iraq] for distracting public attention and money from domestic needs like health care and education.” More from NewsMax

Imagine the outrage if truckers shut down the economy in this manner. We are facing insane fuel prices, low freight rates and are told we cannot shut down/slow down because it will hurt the economy.
Look at what these domestic terrorists – oops, I mean “union workers” did – and not a word was said about it!


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  1. This is a ridiculous and reactionary position. Union longshoremen did exactly what workers across America ought to be doing: stopping production as a way to bring pressure to bear on the administration to end its ridiculously costly and unjustified occupation of Iraq. Note: Iraqi dockworkers struck their ports as well. Are they also engaging in “terrorism” by protesting the foreign military occupation of their country? Is everyone who opposes the war and who impedes the normal functioning of the economy to manifest this opposition a terrorist? How about everybody who does anything to affect the operation of the economy during “wartime”, whether they are doing it for anti-war purposes or not? It is a slippery slope you are descending when you class the longshoremen as terrorists. Be careful or you will end up classing all those who dissent from the government’s policy as “terrorists”.

    And if we want to talk about a cost to the economy, let’s talk about the long-term cost of the war itself. Recent analysis suggests that the war will cost something in the area of $3 trillion. Do you think the recent downward trend in the economy, the rising cost of fuel, and the weakening dollar (which is also driving up the cost of oil) have nothing to do with this? Let’s get a little perspective here.

    Finally, please, truckers, go ahead and strike! If you do it for good reason, the dockworkers (and other left-wing workers like myself) will support you. Imagine the kind of power truckers and dockworkers working together could exercise! Militant union truckers in other countries are not afraid of taking action like this. How about independent truckers getting together and organizing to get better rates out of businesses that you contract with? Shouldn’t they help share the pain of high fuel costs? And isn’t collective bargaining the only way you are going to be able to gain more leverage with them?

    Somewhere along the way Right-wing workers like yourself forgot that you have a class enemy. You only ever blame the government (unless the government is launching an unnecessary war of aggression, in which case you rally behind the flag even to your own detriment), and never look at the bloated, wealthy business interests bankrolling both the Republican and Democratic Parties. Including the oil companies, which the Bush administration is intimately tied to.

    Just some food for thought while you lambaste your fellow workers as traitors.

    Comment by moose on the loose | May 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. I just talked to a trucker here who told me that they were forbidden to strike … they’re being labled terrorist? I’m sorry, but I’m confused. Did I wake up in a communist nation this morning? I thought this was the good ol’ USA? So in addition to the criminal price of gas American familoies are having to suffer, we’ve lost our right to privacy through the Patriot Act. Doesn’t anyone else find it interesting that while we’re fighting for the liberties of others overseas who aren’t in our USA family, we’re becoming communist. How’s that for irony? Maybe I need to be more careful …lest I be labled a terrorist for exercising my freedom of speach – if we even still have that right.

    As an AMERICAN I support our truckers in their RIGHT to strike. It will no doubt create hard times for all of us, but it will do good for all of us in the end.

    Comment by DELIA | May 6, 2008 | Reply

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