Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

The Audacity of Barack Hussein Obama’s Hope

By:  Mark R. Taylor

Our country is stuck in a quagmire. Unrelenting terrorism and violence mean families are held hostage in their own homes as gun-toting thugs sweep neighborhoods. The collateral damage is staggering. Twenty shootings in government-run schools have left innocent children dead. With 336 confirmed shootings in three and a half short months, we should ask for an immediate withdrawal of all law enforcement and first responders because they seem to do not much good, and there is a pervasive sense that we have lost. Perhaps America should echo the words of Barack Hussein Obama regarding Iraq. Pull our forces out – now. Chicago is too dangerous, too far gone to save

Not even the bigoted Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose well-armed body guards come courtesy of Louis Farrakhan’s racist organization, the Nation of Islam, wants to live among the thieves, thugs and murderers, as he builds his multi-million dollar mansion in an upscale white neighborhood, while Chicago’s South Side becomes a haven for gangland terrorism

And Barack Hussein Obama? His elitist answer is more gun control in a city with some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. Does he honestly believe that the terrorism and mayhem is caused by law-abiding gun owners who fill out the paperwork, go through the background checks and pay the fees to own a gun? Is he so isolated from the reality of his own home town that he doesn’t believe the guns on the streets are bought and sold by drug dealers and other criminals?  More from FamilySecurityMatters


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