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Scrutinizing Zero Tolerance on Guns

A Pizza Hut driver, who was fired after shooting an armed robber, adds to the controversy over employer zero-tolerance gun policies. As some states enact laws permitting gun possession at work, a recent court case suggests companies need a policy on the matter.

By Kristen B. Frasch

The recent firing of a Pizza Hut driver who shot an armed robber during a hold-up adds heat to an already stirring controversy over employers’ rights to ban weapons to keep workers safe versus employees’ rights to protect themselves.

The driver, James William Spiers III, 38, was delivering pizza for a Des Moines, Iowa, Pizza Hut on March 27 when Kenneth Jimmerson, 19, put a gun to his head outside a Des Moines apartment complex and demanded money, according to newspaper and television reports. More from HREOnLine

Spiers was defending himself against an armed robber. I suppose Pizza Hut would rather their employee be robbed or killed? Spiers held a concealed carry permit and the article stated they could not confirm if Pizza Hut had a written policy on whether or not their drivers could be armed.

This is a subject that has been around trucking blogs and forums for some time. We here at ATAW are in full support of Spiers and any other delivery driver, trucker or average housewife who holds a concealed carry permit and carries a handgun for protection. It could be a matter of life or death. Concealed carry permit holders are trained in the use of their firearm and in many cases, such as pizza delivery drivers and truckers, it is becoming increasingly necessary

You can contact Pizza Hut on their website to show your support for Spiers.


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