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City starts to enforce anti-idling ordinance

Dallas began enforcing its new anti-idling ordinance this week, an initiative intended to improve air quality in the city by fining truckers found to be idling excessively.

The city issued 11 tickets Thursday, the day the ordinance went into effect.

Passed last May by the City Council, the law prohibits trucks weighing more than 14,000 pounds from sitting still with their engines running for more than five minutes within the city limits. It will be enforced during the state’s ozone season, April 1 to Oct. 31.

The Class C misdemeanor carries a $350 fine.

The city is asking anyone who sees a vehicle violating the ordinance to call 311 and report the license plate number. From the Dallas Morning News

I don’t know if the brain surgeons who thought this law up are aware of it, but truckers live and work out of their trucks. Perhaps the city should turn off their air conditioners in the Texas heat for awhile and see just how great of an idea it is. Just another way to get money out of the pockets of already cash-strapped truckers.


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