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Recent Fuel Theft Alerts

Tanker Truck Stolen

HOUSTON, TX — Police are searching for a man who hijacked a tanker truck loaded with diesel fuel.

Truck driver Bobby Lee Julien said he never thought high gas prices would affect him the way they did early Monday.

Julien said it only took a few seconds for a man to open the passenger side door, jump in the cab, and point a gun right at him.

“I begged him not to shoot me,” said Julien. “I feared for my life. The whole time he had a gun pointed at me.”

Julien has driven a fuel tanker for 27 years.

“Before I even realized what was going on, he was in the truck.”  More from FirstCoastNews

Reward For Gas Bandits

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A local business owner is offering a cash reward for the arrest of whoever got their hands on his company gas card and went on a $2000 fill-up spree with his friends.

Robert Olson of Future Computer Systems got a call from Gate Gas Company last week about some ‘unusual purchases’ and discovered one of his fleet’s gas cards was not only missing… but the bad guys had also gotten a hold of the card’s PIN number.

Surveillance video from the Gate station off Stockton shows a series of cars and young men taking turns filling up at one pump under the same transaction.
“And that (Red) Durango is very very distinctive. You cannot miss those rims. They’re 20-inch rims…22-actually,” said Olson.  More from FirstCoastNews

From Canada: Thieves target rural gas
May 6, 2008, 04:48 

With gasoline becoming more valuable than the black gold it’s made from, RCMP are warning farmers and other rural residents to lock their gas tanks and take extra precautions to keep their fuel safe from siphoners.
Const. Larry Iutzi, with the Milk River detachment, says recently two farmers each had 400 gallons of gas stolen from their operations and thieves targeted an agricultural firm taking gas one night and a pump the next.
Iutzi has also heard of other cases, including a bulk dealer being hit in Bow Island, and a $5,000 gas theft in Picture Butte.
“I think we’re going to see these kinds of thefts escalating with the price of gas going up,” he said. “It’s a big concern.”  From the Lethbridge Herald



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