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ATAW Exclusive: Jim King Announces Energy Policy

(Land O’ Lakes, FL – by Renee Taylor) Republican candidate for US Congress in Florida’s 5th District, Jim King, has released his Energy Policy for America.

Mr. King recognized the core issues that have created high energy costs and has created a four point plan to reduce those costs and reliance on foreign oil.

1. Immediately sell permits for oil and gas exploration in Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota and off the coast of Florida.  King says, “With respect to exploration off the coast of Florida, America has two options:  sit back while China and Cuba drill just off our coast with complete disregard to any environmental impact or do it ourselves.”

2. Immediately permit a number of oil refineries within the United States.  If state and local governments are unwilling to issue the necessary permits, the Federal government should allow these refineries to be built and operated on a Federal basis.

3. Our economy needs lower corporate taxation on businesses to allow them to expand and create more jobs while decreasing our reliance on foreign oil. This will create a lasting stimulus to our economy, unlike “quick fixes” such as the recent “tax rebate”/redistribution of wealth stimulus program.

4. Immediately end ethanol subsidies and funding. The evidence is overwhelming that ethanol from corn is having a negative effect on our energy needs by raising fuel and food costs.

Many of us remember the long gas lines in the early 1970s. In 37 years, Congress has done nothing to protect and preserve our energy independence. Thirty seven years is plenty of time for Washington to act in the best interests of America.

The American people need a new congress. Incumbent Fifth District Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) has failed to demonstrate the leadership necessary to give America energy independence. She has squandered an excellent opportunity while the Republican Party held the majority in the House and Senate by failing to represent Florida and the American people by addressing this critical issue.

For more on Jim King’s stand on important issues such as energy, the economy and veterans’ benefits, please visit


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  1. This should have been done years ago. I started trucking in the 70’s and have seen many changes in our industry. What I have yet to see is our government do anything to ensure we can keep on trucking for America. I hope Mr. King realizes how much of a fight he will have with those clowns in Washington.

    Comment by George | May 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. Mr King is right on target..I would like to see those in Congress anwer for their actions concerning the forbidding of drilling for oil in this country.

    We have been trading with countries that do not meet the EPA requirements in any way shape or form. They polute this earth and we buy their products How can a Congressman or senator justify the laws forbidding this country from drilling for oil, opening refineries, making factories conform to EPA standards or close down. Our country is being ruled by a den of thiefs, cheats and thugs. Its a fact and one does not have to have a big snout to smell bad balona

    Comment by Jim Delk | June 4, 2008 | Reply

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