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Truckers hold meeting in Florida

Sent via Dan Little

Saturday, May 10th 2008

Around 100 truckers held a meeting in New Port Richey, Florida, today to discuss fuel related issues affecting the trucking industry.

At the meeting was State Senator Mike Fasano from District 11. Also in attendance was a VP from the Florida Trucking Association, Matt Ubben.  The meeting was put toghere by Robert Solfio, the owner of Big Tiger Trucking. David Mika of the Fla Petrolem Concil was invited but backed out at the last minute. Also there was Owner Operators United (OOU) Inc Board Member Pat Kramer.

Most of the discussion was on fuel, and the crowd was rather unhappy with the answers that were given by the Senator.

While the crowd was rather loud through most of the speachs things got quite as a mouse when OOU board member Pat Kramer handed her cell phone to Robert Solfio, who in turn then placed the mic to the phone. on the other end of the line was OOU Inc CEO Dan Little. Dan first started out by thanking all the truckers for thier hard work, then he asked the Senator if he would actually stand up for the truckers. Dan also asked the senator to introduce a bill in Florida to suspend their state fuel tax, to introduce a bill in Florida to give truck owners a 100% Tax Credit on APU purchases, to introduce a bill to create an oversite comm. of class 8 truck ins. preiums & last he asked the senator to prove he truly was supporting the truckers by joining the OOU Inc.

The senator replyed by saying “I could not hear anything he asked” but refused to talk directly to Mr Little on the phone.

Everyone in the crowd said they heard Mr Little “Loud & Clear.

Pat Kramer, the OOU Inc board member from Florida, passed out around 5o OOU membership apps. She stated “people were coming up to me asking for the applications to join”,

Contacts in Florida goverment have been contacted to discuss the above mentioned bills. The OOU is leading the way to represent the trucking industry from O/Os & Company Drivers.


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