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Search warrants detail reasons for Postville raid

CEDAR RAPIDS – Here are snippets from the introduction to the search warrant served on the Agriprocessors, Inc., meatpacking plant in Postville on Monday:

“Over at least the last two years, (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has received information concerning immigration offenses at and by employees of Agriprocessors, including allegations of harboring illegal aliens… engaging in a pattern or practice of hiring and continuing to employ undocumented aliens… document fraud… misuse of Social Security numbers… and aggravated identity theft. This affidavit sets forth some, but not all, of the information ICE and other law enforcement officers possess concerning potential violations of the above-referenced statutes and potentially other criminal laws, but rather, is a summary of evidence in ICE’s possession sufficient to establish probable cause to support this search warrant.

“This criminal search warrant is sought simultaneously… in connection with the issuance of 697 criminal complaints and arrest warrants against persons believed to be current employees of Agriprocessors… Of the approximately 697 charged by complaint, the government currently possesses copies of photo identification for only about 15 individuals.  More from the

The article further details a meth lab at the plant, identity theft – at least three employees were using the same Social Security number – it’s a long laundry list.  Excellent work by ICE.



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  1. These people are illegal. We can’t have millions of people from other countries just pouring into our country because they are poor. There are dozens of countries that have much worse poverty than Mexico. Do you like your taxes? Half of them go to pay for emergency room help, food stamps, free education and many other services that the illegals come here for. Women 9 months pregnant come here so WE can pay for her babies. Then those babies are American citizens. They are working the system and WE are footing the bill. They aren’t all just wonderful, hard-working people. 1/3 of our prisons are filled with illegals. They are rapists, drug dealers, murders, etc. So read up on the negatives of illegal immigration before you defend them being here. I for one want America to get tough and send them back. Fine employers who are taking advantage and paying these people for half of what a legal citizen makes. If we continue to allow this, America will soon be 400 million people and half of them with be Mexicans. Oh, they also wave their own country’s flag and shove their heritage in our faces. We don’t want them. Adios, illegals.

    Comment by Cheryl Tietje | May 17, 2008 | Reply

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