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Is $3.80 gas too low? Washington thinks so

Millions of vacationers paid record prices for gasoline as they hit the roads on Memorial Day weekend, and only those who’ve been in the sun too long would like to see prices climb even higher. Yet several members of Congress seem determined to guarantee that they will.

They’re trying to pass a bill that would raise pump prices. Why? Because they think it would force people to use less. The America’s Climate Security Act, sponsored by Sens. Joseph Lieberman and John Warner, would also increase electricity and natural gas costs, all in the name of supposedly fighting global warming.

The bill, scheduled to be debated in the Senate on June 2, essentially places limits on the amount of gasoline and other fossil fuels Americans can use. The aim is to cut our emissions of carbon dioxide, which is blamed for warming the planet. More from The Free-Lance Star

This is insane. Cowering down to the AlGore Church of Global Warming at the expense of hard working Americans. Start calling, emailing and faxing your senators today!


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