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Fuel thefts rise with the price of diesel

 DAYTONA BEACH — Truckers turning in for the night at a roadside motel or truck stop might want to sleep with one eye on their rigs now that the skyrocketing price of diesel is enticing enterprising thieves to steal fuel from their tanks.

Daytona Beach police have fielded complaints of at least half a dozen thefts in the last three months of diesel fuel from big trucks parked overnight at motels or lots in industrial districts.

Local thieves are also pilfering gasoline from pumps. At least four gas stations in the city and one in Ormond Beach were targeted in the last month, Rhodes said. The culprits are breaking into the pumps, disconnecting an electronic apparatus inside and causing the gasoline to flow freely without registering an amount.  More from the News-Journal


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  1. We had 200 gallons stolen while sleeping. The police told us locking fuel caps were NOT the answer, they will just puncture your tanks. So you not only lose the fuel, you need to replace the tanks!

    Comment by LMTPS | June 5, 2008 | Reply

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