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San Jose police bust huge criminal retailing rings

Using tool stores and luxury homes as fronts, a pair of San Jose crime families ran multimillion-dollar empires of stolen men’s razors, Oil of Olay, Pepcid AC and teeth brighteners like they were a shadow Safeway or a criminal Costco, according to law enforcement authorities.

The Le and Vo organizations are accused of buying truckloads of stolen merchandise from crews of freelance shoplifters, repackaging the products and then reselling them throughout the United States at an enormous profit . . . until this week.

The giant fencing organizations came tumbling down Wednesday when a joint task force arrested 17 people, including 11 in San Jose, on charges of federal money laundering and interstate transportation of stolen goods. They confiscated six semi-trucks loaded with $5.5 million in stolen property and – along with pallets of Tylenol and Oil of Olay – seized $140,000 in cash, gold bars, Mercedeses and diamonds. From the


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