Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Exclusive: The Mystery of the Missing Communist Party

By: Lee Ellis

I am an old mystery fan. As a boy,I devoured all the old Erle Stanley Gardner and Agatha Christie mysteries and now read the newer Mary Higgins Clark novels. I guess this is the reason I still get suspicious of sudden changes in society and feel the need to investigate.

For example, I recall all the interest in Communist fronts, especially in the Joseph McCarthy era, before a combination of too much liquor and the Edward R. Murrow CBS show destroyed him.

Have you noticed that the word “Communist” has just about disappeared from our media and our language?I wondered why.

Seeking an answer, I recalled from my detective books that amotto they often used was “cherchez la femme”(look for the woman). This did not seem to apply here. Another, frequently used by Perry Mason, was, “follow the money.” I did – with no success.Finally, I asked myself, who is trying the hardest to destroy America’s economy as the Communist Party had always done?  More from Family Security Matters


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