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Officials try to cut vehicle idling

CLEVELAND — Officials across Northeast Ohio are synchronizing traffic lights and updating truck stops in an attempt to wipe out vehicle idling, a habit that scientists say spews greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

In Cuyahoga County — named the fourth-worst U.S. county for carbon dioxide emissions in a recent Purdue University study — eliminating the practice would cut about 196,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from passenger cars and trucks, according to calculations based on Environmental Protection Agency estimates and Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles statistics.

“Any amounts you can cut are important,” said Michael Short, program director of the Cleveland-based Clean Air Conservancy. “That’s just a complete waste. It’s energy generation you’re not even using.”  More from the Chronicle-Telegram

The article quotes David Bartosi, president of the Ohio Trucking Association as saying:  “It’s crazy to have a truck idle and waste fuel.  It’s a question of behavior modification, trying to get drivers to realize they should shut it down.”  There also seems to be an issue with truckers idling during off duty times to run heating, air conditioning, televisions, etc., the comforts of home that those complaining take for granted yet help make a trucker’s life away from home a bit more bearable.

All in all, according to the report, the anti-ilding laws will cut “greenhouse emmissions” by one to two percent. 



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