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Canada – Carbon copy taxation makes its way east

FREDERICTON — While industry continues to work with the B.C. government to adjust to the province’s new carbon tax, similar rumblings are being made in eastern Canada.

While Ontario recently revealed plans for a cap-and-trade system in lieu of carbon taxation, and Quebec has plans for a combination of the two, a couple of Maritime provinces are kicking around the idea of a carbon tax similar to B.C.’s new policy.

A recent discussion paper from New Brunswick Finance Minister Victor Boudreau had the province reforming the current tax system to include a carbon tax proposal, while Nova Scotia’s Environment Minister noted that pretty much everything is on the table at this point as they work toward a solution.  More from Today’s Trucking News

Its not just American truckers… our counterparts to the north are dealing with the real possibility of rising taxes thanks to the failed science of the AlGore Church of Global Warming that too many politicians belong to.  Washington and Quebec seem deteremined to destroy the trucking industry, already struggling under stifling regulation, high taxation and ever increasing fuel costs.



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