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Saving $150 a month by running car on used veggie oil

Maureen Sullivan found her answer to surging gas prices in a place most wouldn’t think to look: the frying pan.

She converted a 1992 Mercedes Benz 300 to run largely on used vegetable oil. “I pay $50 a month for gas instead of $200,” she said. “Sometimes the only way to revolutionize things is to start the revolution yourself.”

Faced with a 50-mile a day commute between her Elmhurst home and her job in Aurora, Sullivan was inspired to get radical after listening to a self-help show on the radio last year. “This man said he ran his diesel truck on waste vegetable oil,” she said. “I thought what a wonderful idea.”

So Sullivan, her brother Jerry Sullivan and a friend researched the idea and found Greasecar, a company that sells kits for diesel cars to run on used vegetable oil.  More from the Chicago Sun Times

I can pay $4.79 per gallon to put diesel in my pick up and get just that or I can pay $5.88 (on sale) for a gallon of cooking oil, save the used grease after cooking and put it in my tank (dual usage, very economical).  Wonder how long it will be before we start seeing a Federal Highway Use Tax on a gallon of Crisco….



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