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The End of Greenism?

The below is a must read for all from Family Security Matters:

The End of Greenism?

Raymond Kraft

It hasn’t quite hit the radar of the liberals in Congress, but as the price of gasoline soars above $4 a gallon (and here in California it’s closing in on $5), they’re going to be facing a hard choice with no good options.They will be forced to (a) throw the Greens under the bus, and embrace the idea of drilling for oil in America, in ANWR, off the coasts, wherever it may be found, or (b) throw the U.S. economy under the bus, andlose the November election to a Republican landslide, no matter who their candidate is.

If, that is,John McCain can be persuaded to see the light, come to his senses, and make a prime time speech in which he apologizes for being wrong about global warming and climate change, has learned that CO2 is not the enemy, that humans have no identifiable effect on climate, which has always been changing, and humans cannot stop it; and that it is far more important to produce enough energy from all sources, nuclear, geothermal, solar, wind, oil, and coal, than to go tilting at the windmills of Greenism to stop the unstoppableclimate change, which is entirely natural and organic.
Full article here


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