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Exclusive: In the War for Oil, the Battlefield Is Not Iraq

By Mark R. Taylor

Imagine if your state, local and/or Federal government issued the following statement:

“In an effort to cut ‘greenhouse gases’, all homes must turn off their air conditioning, heat, refrigerators and freezers each time the occupant leaves the premises.Except in a timeframe mandated by your elected officials, all lights, coffee pots and televisions must be turned off and unplugged under penalty of hefty fines.All businesses must turn off their main circuit breaker at the end of each workday as their employees depart and such can only be turned back on when the last employee arrives the following morning.”

Now imagine the outrage and protests from across the country from citizens who would rightly perceive this as an unreasonable intrusion of government into private life.

In Georgia, this is becoming a reality for truckers traveling through the state to deliver your food, fuel and other life’s necessities and luxuries. Georgia’s environmental regulators are proposing a new rule that would limit a big truck’s idling time to five minutes.While at this time the penalties for idling have not been lined out, it would be “cheaper to comply than pay the fine.”  More from Family Security Matters


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