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President Bush Discusses Energy

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I want to thank Secretary Kempthorne and Secretary Bodman for joining me. For many Americans, there is no more pressing concern than the price of gasoline. Truckers and farmers and small business owners have been hit especially hard. Every American who drives to work, purchases food, or ships a product has felt the effect. And families across our country are looking to Washington for a response.

High oil prices are at the root of high gasoline prices. And behind those prices is the basic law of supply and demand. In recent years, the world’s demand for oil has grown dramatically. Meanwhile, the supply of oil has grown much more slowly. As a result, oil prices have risen sharply, and that increase has been reflected at American gasoline pumps. Now much of the oil consumed in America comes from abroad — that’s what’s changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. Some of that energy comes from unstable regions and unfriendly regimes. This makes us more vulnerable to supply shocks and price spikes beyond our control — and that puts both our economy and our security at risk. Full speech here

President Bush is listening to the American public.  He understands the urgent need to begin domestic drilling and is willing to go against Nancy Pelosi and other no-drill Democrat “leaders” to facilitate this asap.

American Truckers At War and Family Security Matters have been saying this for some time.  ATAW owner – Mark Taylor – wrote Exclusive: In the War for Oil, the Battlefield Is Not Iraq and Exclusive: Don’t Blame ‘Fred the Basset Hound’ for High Fuel Prices outlining the effects of high fuel costs on the trucking industry and the need for domestic drilling.  We must demand our Congressmen and Senators approve drilling and building more refineries in an effort to decrease our dependency on foreign and terrorist supported oil.




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