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Obama – American No Longer A Christian Nation?

WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klien explains this video even further here.  On The American Daily, Bruce Walker discusses Nazism, Marxism and Islam.  Both articles are extremely important as we creep closer to the Democrat primary and the Presidential election in November.

Please note – while the Obama-ites are screaming “racism” whenever anyone speaks against their “savior”, claiming we don’t want to vote for B. Hussein Obama because he is black, let me make one thing perfectly clear.  It is not the skin color of B. Hussein Obama’s “black” half that we are voting against.  It is his Communist white half.



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  1. You said ” It is not the skin color of B. Hussein Obama’s “black” half that we are voting against. It is his Communist white half.”

    A truer statement has never been uttered. BUT good luck convincing the masses.

    Comment by Robert | June 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. That America was ever intended to be a Christian nation is debatable. In fact, I suspect that our founding fathers were a group of mere deists. In other words, most of our founding fathers were not Bible believing, Resurrection believing, Virgin Birth believing, Second Person of the Trinity believing, efficacy of prayer believing, miracles of the Bible believing “Christians.” So the fact that we are not that type “Christian” nation is actually reason to give thanks.

    If you’re not certain of this, just do a little bit of primary source reading on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Allen, James Madison, and James Monroe. You’ll find a few statements that are consistent with Historical Christian faith, especially in the context of natural law, i.e., laws that should govern all people at all times. But when pressed on issues like I mentioned above, all you get is suspicion.

    As for Mr. Obama’s comments, it seems that he was being merely descriptive. America is no longer, culturally speaking, a Christian nation. And? Would you really say that America is a Christian nation? Really? How so? By whose standards? Christianity may be the leading religion (which would include Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) by mere numbers, but we’re clearly not alone. If he were somehow suggesting that we should be an Islamic nation, that’s one thing. But he’s simply saying that we are in fact a nation comprised of (among others) Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists. So what? The numbers bear this out.

    I honestly think that this sort of rumor spreading amounts to political assassination. It doesn’t really encourage dialog. It merely promotes fear–specifically fear in a candidate. It amounts to, “If you’re a Christian, you can’t vote for Obama.”

    Comment by james | August 20, 2008 | Reply

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