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Exclusive: Can Our Nation Afford Mesmerizing Promises of Hope and Change?


“I pledge allegiance to the United Nations, the rulers of the world, one nation under socialism…”

Is this really a stretch?How could our once great nation have spiraled into current state of affairs?As we face the upcoming presidential election, we have a charismatic, mesmerizing candidate who has promised “hope” and “change” to a bloc of voters so numbed by years of socialist indoctrination in our school system that they cannot see the disaster that is bearing down at a lightening fast pace.

Our once great nation is careening into a cesspool of immorality and despair brought upon us by a public education system that more and more often does not turn out the best and the brightest, but the dazed and confused.Without the slightest understanding of basic economics and government, they remain glued to the stage, weeping, as their “savior” promises empty words – “hope and change.”  More from FamilySecurityMatters


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