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Trucking company CEO tells of diesel fuel woes

By Aaron Sadler
Stephens Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON – Arkansas trucking company Maverick USA lost money for the first time in its history last year and is on pace to do even worse this year because of record-high fuel prices, the head of the Little Rock-based firm said Monday.

Maverick’s diesel fuel bill is expected to increase 72 percent to nearly $115 million this year if prices merely remain steady at their current all-time high, said company chairman Steven Williams.

At a congressional hearing on the rising cost of fuel, Williams said Congress must develop a strategy to solve the fuel crisis that is driving truckers out of business. More from the Arkansas News Bureau

Thanks to Bill at the ARRA News Service for this story.  Trucking companies are hurting under the increase fuel costs with no real solutions coming out of Washington.  I urge our readers to call, email and fax your congressmen and senators daily to insist upon domestic drilling, buiding new refineries and nuclear power plants and to encourage private industry to develop new technologies to get us off foreign oil.



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