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Gas thieves go after tractor-trailers

PHOENIX – Thieves looking to cash in on the soaring price of diesel fuel are going after big tractor-trailer trucks that carry hundreds of gallons of the valuable commodity.

Reports of diesel theft are on the rise in Arizona and across the nation as the fuel prices soar. Diesel averages around $4.80 nationally, according to the American Automobile Association. That’s making big rigs that carry as much as 300 gallons of diesel a lucrative target.

‘‘There’s quite a bit of theft going on,’’ said Dave Williams, vice president of equipment and maintenance for Phoenix-based Knight Transportation. ‘‘We’ve had to figure out how to track it and keep it from happening.’’  More from the Chicago Sun Times

High fuel prices are bringing out the criminals.  As we’ve said before, do not purchase fuel from an obvious thief – one who is selling fuel out of a tank in the back of his pick up.  Do what you can to protect yourself and your fuel.  Locking fuel caps, parking in well-lit areas…  Many of us like to find that dark, secluded spot to park our rigs and sleep for the night, but such areas also make you a better target for thieves.

Might I also suggest obtaining a concealed carry permit?  While different carriers have regulations regarding carrying firearms, I have not yet found an FMCSA regulation that prohibits carrying a weapon for protection.  




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