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Curbing benefits for illegal immigrants

A new ballot initiative that would bar illegal aliens from obtaining state benefits has been launched in Arkansas.

Supporters have until July 7 to garner the nearly 62,000 signatures needed to send the issue to the people. The measure, if approved by voters, would require that government agencies at the state, county, and city levels verify the legal status of any person at least 14-years-old who is applying for state benefits.

Secure Arkansas is sponsoring the ballot initiative. Spokeswoman Debbie Pelley says the initiative would bar illegal aliens from getting driver’s licenses, business licenses, assisted housing, welfare, and other various government benefits.

She says roughly 90 percent of the people who have been approached have signed the petition, and she says some people have even been willing to wait in line to sign it. Pelley adds it is almost unbelievable to see that kind of support for a conservative issue. From OneNewsNow

Come on, fellow Arkansans!  Contact SecureArkansas and sign this petition.  As the article states, the response is overwhelming.  I have seen people here in Bradley County who usually do not get too involved in such issues clamoring to help get signatures.  It is about fiscal responsibility regarding our tax dollars and not wanting to subsidize illegal activity (coming here illegally). 


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  1. I would like to know how giving benefits to illegal immagrants
    got snuck by the citizens of this country?
    I want names of the people who put this country s
    citizens out of work because the as employing illegals who steal our
    soc, security numbers and our jobs.
    Why aren’t are borders more secure and our right inforced. I don’y blame people for wanting to live here but do it the right way. Even our signs and items we purchase are in two langages. We need to enforce our laws which were on the books. Do not employ illegals!

    Comment by pam landry | March 3, 2009 | Reply

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