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Second Amendment – Preserved in DC

While the Supreme Court upheld the rights of citizens to bear arms in DC, we must remember this – there are four justices who wish to re-write the constitution.  These are the same four who voted against execution for child predator creeps in Louisiana.  Rush Limbaugh reminds us:

See, it’s so simple, so strong, so powerful in its simplicity, the role of the court.  And then it got me to thinking. This case, as far as the liberals were concerned on the court, the four liberal justices — Ginsburg, Souter, Breyer, Stevens — wasn’t about the DC ban.  This case wasn’t about Mr. Heller.  When you look at some of Breyer’s dissent and when you read some of what John Paul Stevens wrote in his dissent, what you learn is that the liberals on this court sought to amend the Constitution.  They weren’t pronouncing the constitutionality of a law.  They looked at this as an opportunity to literally amend the Constitution from the bench, which is not permitted by the US Constitution. The Supreme Court has taken on the role, Marbury vs. Madison, of determining whether or not laws passed by Congress are constitutional.  But to sit there and to take the occasion of this case — DC vs. Heller, Heller vs. DC — and use it as an opportunity to declare the Second Amendment, i.e., part of the Constitution as unconstitutional! Folks, if that doesn’t tell you what their intentions are down the road, I can’t think of anything else that I could use as an illustration to do it better.

Something to think about……

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