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Committee approves stop sign for Mexico-based trucks


WASHINGTON — The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee gave the go-ahead Thursday for a bill to stop long-haul trucking between Mexico and the United States.  

The bill, HR 6630, orders the Department of Transportation to terminate the cross border demonstration program no later than its Sep. 6 anniversary date. It also forbids the Secretary of Transportation to grant authority for Mexico-based trucks to travel beyond the border commercial zones without authorization from Congress.

The bill passed on a voice vote by the committee. More from The Trucker

You know the drill folks!  Let’s burn up the phone lines in Washington in support of this bill.  Finally, something out of Congress that is making sense.

(As a reminder why we don’t need this program, enjoy “Ode to Juan and Moe” performed by Truck It Records’ Joey Holiday and co-written by ATAW’s commander, Mark R. Taylor)

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Ramos/Compean fundraiser

Glenn Beck interviewed Monica Ramos, wife of imprisoned Border Patrol agent, “Nacio” Ramos on his radio program this morning.  The full transcript can be read here.

It is an injustice that agents Ramos and Compean continue to serve prison time for doing their jobs – protecting our border – while the drug smuggler they shot has received free health care at American taxpayer expense and most importantly, this criminal continues to enjoy his freedom while Ramos and Compean are in jail.

Pat Grey, of Houston’s KSEV 700 AM, has on his blog a way to donate to the families of Agents Ramos and Compean, families stuggling to get by while this travesty of justice continues.  For more information on how to help, please visit Pat’s blog at

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Exclusive: Obama’s Berlin Speech Fails the Presidential Test


The cardinal rule of presidential speechmaking is knowing the audiences you’re talking to – all of them. 

Sen. Obama failed the test in Berlin.
As a former speechwriter for several presidents, cabinet officers and members of Congress, I can attest to the great care given to crafting speeches dealing with national security issues, lest they be misinterpreted by any of the several audiences listening.
When President Kennedy told the people of Berlin in 1963 “Ich bin ein Berliner,” he wasn’t just giving heart to the beleaguered people of Berlin. He was also signaling to the East German government and their Soviet masters that the West would never abandon Germany. He was also preparing Americans back home – of both parties – that we were committed to a European military presence for the duration of the Cold War.  More from Family Security Matters

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Proof that San Francisco-values Nancy Pelosi Needs Psychiatric Treatment

Maybe someone should save the planet from Nancy?  She’s beginning to make rival Cindy Sheehan sound.. well….. almost coherent.

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Rush Limbaugh – LA Bans Fast Food!

Watch out, guys….  The buffet at the Petro could be next and we’ll all starve!

(ATAW wishes to congratulate Rush on his 20 years in broadcasting.  We have listened to El Rushbo since he broke onto the scene and is second to none.)

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CANADA – Pssst … Wanna buy some diesel fuel?

 HAMILTON, Ont. — Following the disappearance of more than 55,000 liters of diesel fuel from underground storage tanks in and around Hamilton this past weekend, it’s beginning to look like an organized theft ring is operating in the area.

CHCH television news reported several thefts in the area, at least two of which were caught on security cameras. In both cases, two trucks pulling 53-ft van trailers — possibly reefers — pulled up and parked over top of under ground fuel storage tanks. While not actually seen on camera, it’s assumed that the vans were equipped with liquid pumps and storage tanks large enough to accommodate a significant amount of fuel.

In one incident, Gord’s Sunoco in Flamborough lost an estimated 21,000 litres of fuel. In another, First Student bus lines in Brant County (formerly Laidlaw) lost 34,000 liters of fuel.

Video from a security camera at the Sunoco station shows a two-tone tan and maroon colored Peterbilt tractor pulling a non-descript with van pulling into the station and parking over the fuel storage tanks, and then returning to the fuel island to fuel up in the usual manner.  More from Today’s Trucking

The Canadian diesel thieves are much by the same playbook as those here in the US.  Today’s Trucking states that thieves are becoming increasingly creative, giving this example from Pittsburgh:

In Pittsburgh, for example, benzine bandits were caught driving around with a tractor-trailer, parking beside other trucks, and then siphoning the diesel into a 5,000-gallon tank using a vacuum powered by the truck’s engine.

Of course, of great concern to both governments is that stolen diesel is not subject to IFTA taxes and IFTA is watching quarterly fuel reporting to see discrepancies in fuel purchased with regard to miles driven.

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John McCain’s Latest – “Celeb”

Another great ad from John McCain…….  ATAW is not endorsing any candidate for president, but you have to give the ad guys with the McCain campaign credit, they have put out some good ones lately!

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Illinois city approves additional 2-cent tax on diesel

Known as an oasis for truckers because of the its three large truck stops along Interstates 57 and 64, Mount Vernon, IL, is poised to impose an additional 2-cent per gallon diesel tax, following a recent City Council meeting. This is bad news for truckers already struggling with record-high fuel prices.

Mount Vernon Mayor Mary Jane Chesley told Land Line on Tuesday, July 29, that no date has been set on when the new tax will go into effect because the ordinance has not been signed yet.

“I hate to be evasive, but it’s unknown territory right now on the signing of that ordinance … as of right now, it has not been signed so formal action has not been taken,” said Chesley.

Jackie Sharp, who is the city clerk in Mount Vernon, said Chesley must sign the ordinance first before she can attest her signature. However, Chesley opposed the way the taxes were voted on by the Council without the people of Mount Vernon having the “opportunity to vote on the taxes” and is reportedly holding off on signing the ordinance.  More from Landline Magazine

Any decrease in fuel costs will, of course, be offset by an increase in fuel tax.  When government needs money for “highway projects”, the first one to get hit is the trucker.

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Man faces pot charge – Canada

A Winnipeg man faces charges after police in Morden found marijuana in a tractor-trailer unit during a checkstop Saturday afternoon.

Members of the Morden Police Service stopped the westbound tractor-trailer on Highway 3 as it entered the town about 120 km southwest of Winnipeg.

Police became suspicious after speaking to the driver so they searched the unit, said Morden police Sgt. Brent Menzies.

Inside, they found an undisclosed amount of marijuana and marijuana resin allegedly belonging to one of two passengers, Menzies said.

Christopher Herda, 36, is charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking and breach of probation.  From the Winnipeg Sun

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Barack Obama: The Child – The Messiah – The Obamessiah

This is priceless!

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