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Exclusive: Mexican Truck Pilot Program – Fast Pass to Disease and Drugs

By Mark Taylor

The most recent outbreak of salmonella poisoning of produce caused much alarm across the country and cost American tomato growers millions in lost revenue. As of this writing, over 900 salmonella cases have been diagnosed in 40 states.

While American farmers struggled as the CDC did their best to pin the tainted tomatoes on them, their crops rotted on docks and in warehouses as consumers refused to buy potentially contaminated goods. For those of us in Arkansas, it was a relief when our famous Bradley County pink tomatoes were cleared; harvesting had not begun when the outbreak occurred.

It came as no surprise when the CDC finally had to admit, rather reluctantly it seemed, that the contaminated goods were not only tomatoes but possibly jalapeños and bulb onions as well – all imported from Mexico. I had that suspicion long before the CDC’s findings became public over the Fourth of July holiday week when many citizens were too busy preparing for their festivities to pay attention to the news.  More from FamilySecurityMatters


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