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Jim Palmer Trucking lays off 6 employees

High fuel prices, which are hitting the trucking industry hard, forced a Missoula trucking firm to lay off six full-time workers Tuesday.

Lonnie Wallace, president of Jim Palmer Trucking, said two recruiters and four maintenance-related personnel were let go from the trucking firm. The business employs 425 people.

“All we’re doing is consolidating positions because of the economy,” Wallace said. “The high fuel prices have forced us to streamline operations.”

Wallace said diesel prices rose 8 cents a gallon last week, reaching a national average $4.727 per gallon.

Wallace denied that any leases had been terminated or any trucks have been repossessed.

“We didn’t turn back any equipment or no leases have been terminated,” Wallace said.

He said the 44-year-old Missoula trucking firm hauls for a variety of clients, including Anheuser-Busch, Coors and Kroger.

Based on his readings of industry news, Wallace said more than 900 trucking firms in the nation reportedly had gone out of business or declared bankruptcy by the end of the first quarter. From the Missoulian

This is from July 9 – sorry to see more of our industry suffering in this way.  Six jobs lost due to insane fuel prices is six too many.


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  1. Missoula trucking company sued

    Posted: July 8, 2008 07:58 PM CDT

    Updated: July 8, 2008 10:53 PM CDT

    Leasing firm sues Jim Palmer Trucking

    A Missoula-based trucking company is being sued by a nationwide leasing firm, claiming it’s owed over $2-million for use of leased semi trailers. But that may only be part of the developments surrounding the future of Jim Palmer Trucking.

    According to documents filed in federal District Court in Missoula, Palmer Trucking leased the trucks in 2004 from G.E. Capital. The suit claims Palmer failed to pay lease installments and late fees for April and May of this year.

    Palmer trucks are a familiar site on the region’s highways, and while the company operates its trucks out of Missoula, it also has terminal operations in Kansas and Florida and ships nationwide. Some of those refrigerated trailers were obtained through the lease. Court documents say Palmer owes over $172,000 in lease payments and late fees, with G.E. Capital claiming a “stipulated loss value” of over $2-million as provided in the master lease agreement. The lease was terminated last month.

    In the lawsuit, filed on June 17th 2008, the plaintiff’s allege, Palmer “failed, neglected and refused to comply with demands set forth in the master lease agreement.” They say although any interest in Palmer has been terminated Palmer continues to use the equipment causing it to “deteriorate in value and causing loss”

    But the lawsuit isn’t the only development involving Palmer Trucking. KPAX has also learned the company had signed a letter of intent to merge in a “reverse stock swap” with Actionview Incorporated, a Vancouver B.C. based firm that specializes in mobile billboards and advertising. A letter of intent was announced in mid-May, but at last word the deal had not been finalized.

    And there other new developments today. Palmer employees are telling Montana’s News Station the trucking company is laying off 60-employees here in Missoula, giving them their final paychecks today. They also say they were told 60 trucks will be returned to the bank. Phone calls to Jim Palmer Trucking administration were not returned today and we’ll bring their comments when we hear from them.

    Comment by Laurie | July 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. As a company driver not a day goes by that I dont worry about the status of my job, or the economy. I run into people all over the country who express their opinions on present pricing. One lady I spoke with in a Walmart stated “I can’t make it anymore. I live on Peanutbutter and bread” She shared with me that she recieves 200.00 a week after taxes. How sad that we are quickly going down the tubes.

    I served this country for 26 years and if I had to do it again I don’t think I would. I just don’t believe in what we stand for any longer. As a matter of fact, I don’t know what we stand for. I do know this, the governing agencies of this country need to do something quick or there will be wars against our own countrymen. Not for anything else but, survival. How sad that will be.

    Comment by Jerry Schad | July 29, 2008 | Reply

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