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ALERT – The Villages are Calling, They’re Missing Their Idiots

If you ever needed proof of just how inept our Federal government has become, you need look no further than how our politicians have created and mismanaged the energy crisis we face as a Nation. With the price of gas over $4, and the price of diesel hovering at around $4.65 per gallon, and probably heading higher, you’d think that our political office holders would be motivated to find a solution that helped Americans

But instead of working on solutions, the Village idiots are on the loose and putting their political interests ahead of their duty to our country. Want some proof? The village of Nevada called looking for their idiot. We didn’t have to look too far to find Harry Reid, masquerading as the leader of the Senate. In response to questions about what the Senate is doing about the energy crisis Senator Reis responded that “coal and oil make people sick” and that we have to find alternatives to fossil fuels.

The village of New York called looking for their idiot. Step forward and take a bow Maurice Hinchey (D-NY). In his editorial in the Washington Examiner, he called for the federal government to seize control of oil companies. I wish I were kidding, but Rep. Hinchey said, “We [the government] should own the refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market.”  More from LogisticsManagement

Regan makes some very interesting points in his article.  One thing to take note of is the last sentence above – the GOVERNMENT wants to control the amount of gas/diesel that gets out into the market.  Can we say “Communism”?  Perhaps that’s been the plan all along.  Refuse domestic drilling and building more refineries.  Create a “crisis” of being reliant upon terrorist supported foreign oil.  Then, the government comes in and “saves the day” by allowing you a certain amount of gasoline. 


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