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ATAW Exclusive – Holiday Releases “Trucker Favorites”

(ATAW/AR/TN)  “I pulled into the Petro to get myself some diesel, but I couldn’t get none…”


With truckers facing increasing “hectic days”, thanks to high fuel prices, company cutbacks and increasing regulations, it’s hard to find anything to smile about as we travel through that concrete sea.  However, modern day trucking music legend, Joey Holiday, comes through for his fans – old and new – with the release of “Trucker Favorites” on the Truck It Records label.


A collection of classic Holiday offerings from his 13 years entertaining truckers from the US to Iraq, “Trucker Favorites” features favorites such as “Jackson St. 229” and “Big Joe, The Phantom and Red Sovine”, tributes to trucking legends of old.


We can all relate as Holiday sings to the “billy big rigger” on the CB radio in “Shut Up, Stupid”, saying in song what we’ve been saying under our collective breaths for years.


The soulful “Sea of Twelve Volt Lights” reminds us why we spend our days away from home, making sure food, fuel and other of life’s necessities reach the store shelves, while “”This Was Your Last Run” reminds us of our own mortality on this Earth.


“She Likes To Put It In Drive” is this writer’s pick – a playful “love song” to the lady trucker, while “I’ve Had A Hectic Day” and “Ain’t Gonna Shut Us Down” are quickly becoming the new anthems for the American Trucker.


Holiday gives us the never-before released “All Because They Swore They Would” – paying a well – deserved tribute to our heroes in the United States military.


Order your copy of “Trucker Favorites” and other releases from Joey Holiday and Truck It Records from . 

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