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Should the 55 mph speed limit be reinstated? BHSPI says “No”

While oil prices may have fallen in the past few days, gas prices haven’t followed suit, and few people expect them to. With all the attention that high gas pricing has gotten from the public and in the media, there have been murmurings in Congress about turning the clock back to 1974 and reenacting the 55 mph national speed limit as a solution for both gas prices and greenhouse emissions. The Best Highway Safety Practices Institute, however, strongly disagrees with that course of action.

Founded in 2004 by specialists in highway safety, the non-profit institute calls the 1974 law a failure and instead advocates reengineering our roads and readjusting our driving attitudes. The Institute claims that the design of a road and the environment determine actual speeds, not signs and aggressive ticketing.

The actual culprits in our inefficiency in driving, according to the Institute, are impediments to the smooth flow of traffic. These include passive aggressive drivers, hypermilers, semi-trucks with speed governors set below the speed of traffic, failing to keep right except to pass, slow drivers, failure to yield and other poor driving behavior. The best way to address our gas mileage and traffic problems, according to the Institute, is to change these driver behaviors  by creating programs to promote safer. more efficient driving. The Institute also advocates redesigning parking lots and surface streets to make them more efficient to reduce accidents and time spent idling. It also recommends the more wide-spread use of traffic circles like those found in Europe, which are already gaining popularity here in the U.S.   More from MotorTrend

Trucking companies have already turned their trucks down to 60 mph and now Washington wants to reinstitute the 55 mph speed limit – bringing back a failed Carter policy.  It seems they are looking to everything from behavior modification to global warming lies to cover up the fact that it is the no-drill Democrats who are keeping our fuel prices high.  Drill here, drill now.  Build more refineries. 

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