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Satellite radio saga takes unexpected turn

WASHINGTON (AP) – During his tenure at the Federal Communications Commission, Jonathan Adelstein has been a fierce critic of government policies that allow big media companies to get bigger. So it came as a surprise when the Democratic commissioner put forth a proposal that would allow the nation’s only two satellite radio companies to merge.Adelstein, the potential deciding vote, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he would support Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.’s $3.1 billion buyout of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. if the companies agree to a six-year price cap and make one-quarter of their satellite capacity available for public interest and minority programming, plus other conditions.

It may be that the commissioner, a seasoned political operator who spent 15 years as a Senate staffer, recognized a limited window of opportunity.

Thus far, two of the five members of the commission have voted to approve the satellite radio deal, one vote shy of a majority. All eyes have been on Republican Deborah Taylor Tate, who is expected ultimately to vote in favor of the deal, but as a friend to the broadcast industry that opposes it, has been under intense pressure to reject it.  More from

Minority channels?  We have XM in our home and big truck.  There are Spanish channels, black channels… But where are the white male channels?  No where to be found.  Public radio?  NPR only stays on the air on AM and FM because they are taxpayer funded and stations are FORCED to play this propaganda by the leftists in the Federal government.  While I do not wish to see my subscription rate go up, it is not up to the government to dictate what price is charged.  It is pure Communism and not a part of a capitalist society.

I say don’t let them merge.  If the FCC does agree, it should be without Communistic restrictions.


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