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Why Are Muslims at the Border So Protective of Their Electronics?

Debbie Schussel has an excellent commentary regarding laptop searches in which she questions why Muslims are so protective of their electronic devices. She reminds us:

Given that various of these electronics have been used to blow up Americans abroad and could be used to do the same here–and given that terrorists use laptops to plan their attacks, I’m not sure what the problem is here. Except that the ones do the loudest whining are Muslims. More from Debbie here

We cannot forget there are other nefarious uses for laptops and other electronic devices that we cannot overlook, as in the case of pervert, Paul Gilliland, of Buffalo, New York, who was given six and a half years for possessing child porn on his laptop.  According to WIVB:

Investigators say the child pornography was found on two laptop computers in Gilliland’s possession as he tried to enter the United States at the Peace Bridge with his tractor trailer.

Whether it be to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorists or to protect our children from perverts, searches are necessary.  If you have nothing to hide, the possibility of searches shouldn’t be an issue.


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