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Court sanctions against unlicensed tractor trailer school and owner announced

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Department of Higher Education (DHE) Commissioner Michael P. Meotti today announced that an unlicensed tractor trailer school has received steep sanctions after defying court orders to cease operating and to provide student records to the state.Under a recent contempt order issued by the Superior Court, D&L Tractor Trailer Training School of Bridgeport and owner C. Donald Lane received contempt fines of more than $100,000 — a number that will grow by $2,500 each day that D&L continues to defy the court’s orders.

Blumenthal said, “These steep sanctions should put emergency brakes on a rogue, runaway trucking school. The court has recognized D&L’s defiance and arrogance — a complete disregard for repeated court orders to stop operating and to produce student records. The victims of Lane’s lawless defiance are students who have paid thousands of dollars in tuition and invested countless hours to obtain certificates. We will fight vigorously to pursue penalties and refunds to students harmed by D&L.

“The larger lesson here is that students should check on an occupational school’s credentials before they invest valuable money and time – and schools should note that certification laws will be enforced.”  More from


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