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Salmonella-tainted jalapeno found in Texas

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Federal health officials said Monday they found a salmonella-tainted jalapeno pepper at a small distribution center in Texas, claiming the discovery marks progress in their investigation into a three-month outbreak for which no cause has been pinpointed.

They warned consumers not to eat fresh jalapeno peppers and products made with them, such as some salsas or salads. The alert does not include processed, cooked or pickled jalapenos.  Health officials consider this an important step in discovering the source of the salmonella outbreak in the U.S., the largest ever recorded. The first case were recorded in April and the most recent as late as July 4.

However, officials emphasized at a press conference here that the investigation was far from over and that the jalapeno pepper finding also does not clear tomatoes as culprits. Officials did say last week that all tomatoes now in U.S. grocery bins were safe to eat. More from MarketWatch

Mexican jalapenos – doing the contaminating American jalapenos just won’t do……


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