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ATAW Exclusive – An Open Letter to the Republican National Committee

The following is a letter writting to the RNC by Betsy Reed of Texas. Betsy is a conservative Christian and wife of Paul – who served in Iraq with Mark delivering mail to the troops as part of The Iron Pony Express. Betsy has spoken for many of us and she graciously gave us permission to post it here:

My mother used to be a member of the RNC which is the Republican National Committee. They sent a letter starting with:

“I don’t want to believe you’ve abandoned the Republican Party, but I have to ask…..Have you given up?”

The following is my answer to them, and I told them I was her daughter.

You asked if I have given up. Yes, I have given up on the Republican Party, and I am going to tell you why.

When the Republicans had the power and the ability to get things done, they acted like a bunch of wimps as though they were afraid of the Democrats. They would not stand up for good decent values and instead allowed the radical leftist Democrats to dominate and push through rules and regulations that only hurt the United States.

The following is just a small example:

1. Political Correctness. Excuse me? That is just a term used to eliminate free speech and truth from being told. It is used to create fear of persecution if we do not conform to ideas and ideals that are against our values. The Republicans no longer stand up for our the citizen’s of the United States values and ideals and have allowed “political correctness to scare them from standing up for our laws, and our way of life.

2. They allowed God to be taken out of our schools. Our children go to school in fear for their lives as now kids are killing kids, and our kids are morally bankrupt. This country was founded in Godly principals, and on the Ten Commandments. Our Christian rights and heritage are being taken away from us. Where is our (Christians) representation? Just one more example of Republicans acting like wimps.

3.Where is the fence? Kay Bailey Hutchison introduced a bill to stop the fence, and it passed. I have contacted her about this with no response. Our so called Representatives seems to be so pleased with themselves as they allow illegals to come into our country, change our rules and our lives,and live off of our handouts in the form of food stamps and free health care. Then these illegals demand their “rights”? Well, what about our rights as legal law abiding citizens? Doesn’t that account for anything other than we get to pay the bills? Evidently these illegals are also allowed to vote. If not, they soon will as Obama and McCain seems to be pandering to them a lot.

4.The Muslims and terrorists have more rights than a normal U.S. citizen.The decisions that the Supreme Court has made recently by allowing terrorists the same rights as we have to and in our courts is an atrocity. I do blame the Republican Party for this as when they had the majority they could not even get President Bush’s Supreme Court Candidate pushed through to be voted on for the Supreme Court because of the lack of support or initiative by our Republican Representatives.

5. The Republican Party allowed the “Environmentalists” to ruin our country by not allowing the drilling for oil on our own soil years ago, therefore making us reliant on the terrorists filled countries for this oil. By buying oil from them, we are financing their terrorism against us and the rest of the free world.What were they thinking?

Yes, I do blame the Republican Party for not defending our rights. We are losing our loyalty to the Republican Party because they have not listened to us, and not represented us as they were mandated to do. It seems as though when an elected official goes to Washington, they forget that they are supposed to be our representatives, not our leaders. All it seems that they do is become interested in is making this a life long career, and giving themselves more raises and more benefits.

Our Representatives need term limits, and they need a normal salary, and not go into this field thinking “good, I am going to get rich from this.”

When the Republicans had the power and the majority, they failed, and failed miserably. They acted no better than the Democrats.

These are just a few reasons that I can think of off of the top of my head. I have not only given up on both parties, but I am disgusted with them as well.

Everyone I talk to feels the same way, and if you hadn’t noticed the approval rating for our so called Representatives is way down. It is because we have lost confidence in them, both Republicans and Democrats.


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