Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Lenny Ladner – Just Thought You’d Like to Know……

Thanks to American trucker and candidate for US Senate in Tennesse, Lenny Ladner:
Prior to this election in general. When a debate was over between the candidates in a public forum.

A few people in the audience had the pleasure of asking one or two questions.

All that has changed:

There is a great fear that somebody in the audience will ask

“If this program is put in will it increase the size, cost, reach or power of government?”

This question strikes fear in the hearts of practically all of the candidates whether they are masquerading as democrats or republicans. For these candidates know that the solutions they are offering do increase the Size, Cost, Reach and Power of government.

And they are deathly afraid that the public will discover what they (handpicked democrats and republicans) have been doing for the past 75 years!

Hence – in case you haven’t noticed – NO questions are being taken from the audience! Thus preventing an ordinary person from asking the most vital question ever asked.

“Will this increase the Size, Cost, Reach or Power of government?”

Just thought you’d like to know.


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